I loved the session because I could really physically feel the vibrations of the gong. It was very meditative and I woke up feeling “detoxed”, calm and a little beside myself. I felt that it had a profound effect. I’d absolutely love to do it again.
— Kat
Auf alle Fälle will ich Dir sagen wie doll und sehr ich unsere Zeit genossen habe. Das waren für mein Herz so schöne Stunden und ich denke gern daran zurück. Und du hattest mehr als recht - nach dem Gongabend hast du gesagt, dass sich einiges bewegen wird und ich habe tatsächlich einen Job gefunden. Ich glaube da haben der Gong und seine Meisterin Wunder gewirkt.
— Teresa

Frida Möhres and the gongs take you on a journey through the universe of sounds and towards yourself - What is a gong sound healing meditation? How does it work? Find out in this introduction. The video has been filmed in Abano, Italy so the sound is a mix of gongs and happy crickets - enjoy!

Gong Meditation Berlin

A gong meditation is an invitation to go to an internal state of silence, peace and truth. It allows for a complete relaxation with the sound, balances emotions and our biorhythm. It reduces stress and tension, harmonizing us on our natural frequency. It gives us the possibility to work through and advance personal topics. It regenerates, strengthens and brings us into balance.

How do I prepare for a gong meditation?

Come as you are, in a conscious state, with comfortable clothes, eventually with an intention or a personal topic you'd like to work on. 

What happens in a gong session?

In the gong session you will lie down on a yoga mat, you can close your eyes and listen to the sound going into deep relaxation. You will notice the sound vibrations in your body, in case you feel tense, just breathe deeply and release.

What's next after a gong session?

After the session, take your time to memorize how the deep relaxation feels so you can remember it whenever you feel like. 

What is the difference between an individual and group session?

In an individual session you can dig deep into a personal topic. In a group session an energetic field emerges among the individual participants. This is how additional information can show up for you regarding your personal topic. 

How often is it recommendable to attend a gong meditation?

Each session is different. A gong session is a profound experience which connects you with both your inner truth and universal wisdom. After a session it is recommendable to take some time to let the process unfold. If you allow it, various aspects of your life might go through transformation, which is a good thing. It is important to make time and space so everything can accommodate well. In a moment of important personal growth it can be recommendable to augment the intervals of gong baths, using meditation with sound as a tool for example on a weekly basis

Gong Meditation at Dharam, Buenos Aires

Gong Meditation at Dharam, Buenos Aires